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About Gautami

Founder and Director

Gautami Patel is a qualified Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) and Accredited Nutritionist (AN) based in Adelaide from last 12 years. She is full member of the Dietitians Australia. She has more than 10 years of experience in a range of clinical conditions and is up to date in clinical research in the diet-disease relationships of most health conditions – including heart conditions, cholesterol, bowel conditions and metabolic conditions.

She has excellent experience of providing dietetics services to patients with individual meal plans that meet their nutritional requirements while fitting into their culture, lifestyle, and family needs. She is passionate in improving and maintaining the nutrition and health status of the patients. She is extremely positive, confident, and motivated person who has excellent communication and interpersonal skills. She has excellent experience of working with all age of people with different culture and background.

• Multilingual (Fluent): English, Hindi, Gujarati
• Elementary proficiency: Punjabi, Urdu, Marathi

• Masters of Dietetics – IMDT, University of South Australia (UniSA)
• M.Sc. (Dietetics) The M.S.University, India (Recognized by DAA & SA Govt.)
• B.Sc. (Foods & Nutrition), The M.S.University, India (Recognized by DAA & SA Govt.)
• Certificate III Business Administration, WHM, Australia
• Certificate in Health promotion, Leadership & Health Service Management, UniSA

In the past she has held several positions including:
• RAH (Royal Adelaide Hospital)- SA Health,Senior Nutrition & food Service Supervisor
• Chief Clinical Dietitian- Shalby Multispecialty and HCG Cancer Hospital, India
• Visiting Lecturer (Nutrition & Dietetics) – Gujarat University, India

Professional Membership:
• Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA)
• Nutrition Society of Australia (NSA)
• South Australian Indian Medical Association (SAIMA)

Working in private practice enables her to practice according to her values of promoting sustainable, positive health change. As everyone is an individual (with a unique health profile, individual food likes and dislikes, and a family/work life), there cannot possibly be a ‘one diet fits all’ approach. She likes to promote an education – and outcomes-based approach and make sure patients are assessed and evaluated regularly to review if programs are working for them.

Gautami is a Accredited Practicing Dietician and Registered Nutritionist. She has completed a Masters of Dietetics from University of South Australia.

She has extensive 10 years experience in Clinical Dietetics and Food Service in both Public Health and Private Health setup. She is multilingual and has worked with different age groups and cultural backgrounds.

She has served as a Visiting Faculty in Dietetics and Food Services to Post Graduates at a Renounced University in India.

She has been a Mentor and a Clinical Educator for many fellow dieticians in India.

She is well known for article and column writing in local Indian magazines/newspapers.

Her main areas of interest lies in Gastrointestinal diets, special diets for Oncology patients, Weight Concern (both weight loss and weight gain), Paediatrics Nutrition, Gestational Diabetes, Diabetes Type I and II, diet for pre-post surgical patients, pre-post partum nutritional and dietary care and much more.

She is an expert in helping her clients with diet counselling, diet quality, food tolerance, appetite and long term weight management.

She has a real passion for helping patients with their dietary and nutritional needs, and thus she chose this profession where she establishes a professional yet friendly association with her clients to understand their personality and requirements.

She aims to support her clients needs based on scientific knowledge and work closely with the recommendation of the doctor, surgeon or specialist to attain the desired results.